Vital center is a company that operates in the beauty sector. Among its leading services there is the latest generation laser treatment.


The primary objective of the strategy implemented by Businesskap was to increase bookings for the company’s flagship service, namely the laser for permanent hair removal, with a consequent increase in customer loyalty and retention in the medium / long term period.


To maximize the results we used a lever proved to be successful.
We will talk about it in the next lines

For the development of the strategy aimed at increasing laser bookings, we dealt with the creative contents divided between videos and images related to the product.

We used the Facebook platform for its enormous targeting potentials, creating different video alternatives in which the benefits of the treatment and the potential of the new laser product were highlighted.

This first phase was fundamental in order to intercept the potentially interested users, and then go on to convert them with targeted actions in sequence.

After the first 30 days of operations, we implemented retargeting actions aimed at converting the hot traffic leading it to an appointment request.

As a lever we released a limited number of free trials, in order to break down the first barrier that would have hindered the user from booking.
Choice proved to be very successful as previously mentioned above.


Thousands of users have been reached and tens of thousands of impressions generated.

The advertising budget for the Facebook platform was around € 500,00.

The numbers generated:

✔ Information requests: 220 (a good % will book in a short time)

✔ Laser reservations in the reference period: 35.

Of which:

17 people booked the free trial;
20 have booked directly without the free trial.

✔ Average value generated by each person: € 400,00 / € 450,00 in 10 months.
✔  Total generated by the single operation: € 15,000.

This is a strategy aimed at a single service that was part of a much broader strategy, which allowed the company to increase the revenue by 50% in 180 days, increasing of three times the customer base.

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