The Vestis & Fralù chain is the largest clothing chain in Sardinia with around 15 sale points spread across the territory.


The goal of this “flash operation” was to launch the spring / summer collections in all the stores of the group>

But not only.
The primary objectives were different:
✅ Collect as many leads as possible and then develop a long-term customers retention strategy.
✅ Create a target and super active community.
✅ Bring as many people as possible into the stores by issuing coupons.
✅ Hook as many users as possible into the facebook messaging system to make a first segmentation and retain them over time.
✅ Link the brand to the user / customer.


The strategy proposed by Businesskap involved the viralization of promotions through advanced digital marketing and growth hacking techniques.

This allowed us to achieve exceptional results in a very short time, having traffic on multiple channels (email, messenger, custom audience) in order to retain it with subsequent re-marketing actions.

This was possible in the first place taking advantage of the virality of the promotions designed for the period of operation.Specifically, a discount plan was designed, that included the scaling of the discount percentage as the user brought more friends during the current promotion.

The virality was triggered by an increase in the discount percentage if the user had reached a certain number of points / users.

The various promotional levers designed for the occasion allowed us to build a super target community in only 20 days, bringing it from 0 to over 4,100 active users, as well as collecting 7,000 emails.

The traffic, acquired 100% through Facebook ads, has been transformed into owned traffic, so we managed to give the company full traffic control.


The results obtained were extraordinary and beyond expectations considering the limited operating time.

✔  Email collected: 6.950.
✔  Community created in 20 days: 4.100 users.
✔ Users engaged by the BOT: approximately 2,000.
✔  Average messenger opening rate: 95%.
✔ Coupons used approximately 2,000

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