The company on which we worked is a restaurant business.

We accepted the challenge of applying our advanced growth hacking strategies on a local business as we are aware of the potential they would generate, even though it was not a SME.


The objectives identified were different.

First, it was considered of fundamental importance to position the activity as sector leader in the area of reference.

The studied strategy had as objective the acquirement of new customers and their retention, trying to increase the lifetime value of each of them over time.


The development of the entire strategy required a considerable commitment on several aspects.

The absolute priority was to create a strong relationship between the business and the customer; most of the activities aimed at this.

This allowed us to increase the performance of all the operations that were developed later.

We mainly used the potential of the facebook platform, later on supported by instagram . We diversified contents and budgets in relation to the presence of the reference target on the two platforms.
A community of target users has been created, and specific funnels have been structured to relate the online to the offline, but not only.

The strategies designed allowed us to engage online users, who when became customers, began the process of retention through retargeting and email marketing operations.

This approach has been optimized from a data driven perspective depending on the level of users in the conversion funnel.

Great care was devoted to the experience that the customers had at the restaurant.
The natural consequence was their opinions left on all the various platforms and offline word of mouth.

Opinions were used to create brand reputation campaigns which brought the level of perception to the highest levels.



The continuous optimization of the campaigns, the high level of customers retention and the direction of the investments in a data driven perspective allowed Businesskap to reach the set objectives, reducing with time the advertising budget in the following years.

 ✔ Increased customer base: + 400%.

 ✔ Impressions generated: 1.4 million.

 ✔ Email collected: 2,500.

 ✔ Users hooked up by the BOT: 2,000.

 ✔ Community growth: from 0 to 1,000 users.

 ✔ Operation duration: 24 months.



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