Fishing Time Shop is an ecommerce in the fishing and diving sector with thousands of products of the best brands in the world. It currently operates in the Italian market with prospects for expansion in European markets in the coming years.


Fishing Time Shop relied on businesskap to develop a marketing plan with different specific objectives:

Increased conversions;

Construction of a solid and loyal customer base;

Position the ecommerce among the top of the sector. 

To achieve marketing objectives, various strategies of brand positioning and customer acquisition have been developed using advanced growth hacking techniques. .


One of the strategies developed aimed at acquiring customers, channeling traffic within the funnels designed to retain the acquired user, turning it into a customer in the subsequent steps. We used facebook as the main platform due to its enormous potential for targeting.

The objective of this operation was to:

✅ obtain as many email contacts as possible (email);

✅ engage the largest number of users in the BOT (automated messaging on facebook);

✅ feed the community created on facebook. A yes or no answer quiz has been created in order to create as many interactions as possible.

When the user participated in the “game” the automated messaging system hooked the user by sending the first message.

From this stage, an automated flow began to lead the user to issue his email. At the same time he was hooked by the BOT (automated messaging system) and channeled into the private Fishing Time community.

The emails collected passed automatically into the email marketing software. .


The results were extraordinary in terms of interaction and data acquisition: in termini di interazione e acquisizione dati:
✔ Interactions (like and comments) on the quiz: 12,000.
✔ Email collected: 1,000.
✔ Users hooked up from the BOT: 3,000.
✔ Community growth: from 100 to 1,000 users.
✔ Target users reached: 321,000.
✔ Impressions generated: 672,000.
✔ Operation duration: 20 days.

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